Research Centers

Research Centers are institutional (in this case, at IBICT and UFRJ) centers or labs created by researchers/professors in order to study a specific field. Research Groups and Centers are often interinstitutional compositions and they comprise more than one line of research within the scope of their projects.

Information Management Observatory (Observatório da Gestão da Informação – OGI)

It intends to be an “observation site” on the web to monitor the trends that are related to this field of work in Brazil, capturing news on the Brazilian web that incorporates the expressions “Information Management” and “Knowledge Management”.

Interdisciplinary Lab on Information and Knowledge (Laboratório Interdisciplinar sobre Informação e Conhecimento – Liinc)

Interinstitutional and multidisciplinary center, jointly coordinated by UFRJ and IBICT, aiming at a critical reflection on information, knowledge, and development, in order to face changes in the contemporary world.

Reference Center for Entrepreneurial Intelligence (Centro de Referência em Inteligência Empresarial – Crie)

Located at COPPE/UFRJ, its mission is to create and develop products and services in the area of entrepreneurial intelligence – with an emphasis on Knowledge Management – as to contribute to Brazil’s competitive insertion in the knowledge society.

Research Lab for Scholarly and Scientific Communication (Laboratório de Pesquisa em Comunicação Científica – LabCom)

It develops studies, research work, and short-term courses in communication and scientific dissemination, bibliometrics, informetrics, webometrics, and scientometrics.

Territory and Communication Lab (Laboratório Território e Comunicação – LABTeC)

It addresses themes related to changes in our contemporary world, particularly structural changes that occur in labor and production spheres.