Line of Research 1 – Knowledge and Information Communication, Organization and Management

ProfessorThematic areasE-mailCurriculum and other linksResearch Groups and Centers
Ana Maria Barcellos MalinInformation, Knowledge and Management in the governmental Management Observatory
Eloisa da Conceição Príncipe de OliveiraScientific Communication, scientific journals and metrics for the study of Scientific Communicationprincipe@ibict.brCurriculumScholarly and Science Communication
Fabio Castro GouveiaWebometrics/Cybermetrics, Health Dissemination and Communicationfgouveiafiocruz@gmail.comCurriculum | Webpage
Gustavo Silva SaldanhaPhilosophy, language and information. Pragmatics, Rhetoric, Ethics and information theories. Symbolic forms and knowledge organization. Historical epistemology of IS. Institutions, subjects, practicesgustavosaldanha@ibict.brCurriculum | Ecce LiberCulture and Info-Communicational Processes | Theory, Epistemology, and Interdisciplinarity of Information Science
Ivan CapellerDigital audiovisual devices, technologies of information, communication and culture in contemporary societyivan.capeller@eco.ufrj.brCurriculumInformation, Memory, and Society
Jacqueline LetaBibliometrics/Scientometrics, with emphasis on Brazilian scientific production , Science and Health, and Science and Genderjleta@bioqmed.ufrj.brCurriculumGender, Science, Technology, and Society | Information Technology and Society
Jorge Calmon de Almeida BiolchiniKnowledge Organization. Information Management in Healthjorge.biolchini@gmail.comCurriculumKnowledge Organization
Lena Vania Ribeiro PinheiroHistory and Epistemology of Information Science, Scientific Communication, Scientific Dissemination, Bibliometrics/Informetrics and Information in Artlenavania@ibict.brCurriculumScholarly and Science Communication | Theory, Epistemology, and Interdisciplinarity of Information Science
Luana SalesResearch data, Digital curation, E-Science; Ontologies, Librarianshipluanafsales@gmail.comCurriculumKnowledge Management in Nuclear Sciences
Marcelo FornazinHealth informatics, Social technologies, Informatics and society, Information technology managementfornazin@gmail.comCurriculumInformation and Health | Research Lab on Government and Electronic Business | Study Program on the Public Sphere – PEEP | Innovation Management | Social Technology
Marcos do Couto Bezerra CavalcantiKnowledge Management, entrepreneurial intelligence intangible assets, electronic governmentmarcos@crie.ufrj.brCurriculumReference Center for Entrepreneurial Intelligence
Maria Nelida Gonzalez de GómezSocioepistemological studies in information. Information policies and information regimemarianelidagomez@gmail.comCurriculumTheory, Epistemology, and Interdisciplinarity of Information Science
Paulo César CastroInternet, social networks and society; information, big data, algorithms and culture; ICTs and mediatization; semiotics and discourse analysispauloccastro@hotmail.comCurriculum
Ricardo Medeiros PimentaDigital Humanities, Methodology, Memory and Information, Knowledge, Power and Digital Culture, Documentricardopimenta@ibict.brCurriculum Research Group | Digital Humanities Networked Lab (Larhud) | Twitter: Ricardo Pimenta
Rosali Fernandez de SouzaOrganization and representation of knowledge and information classification and recommendation of symbolic assets, analysis of social networks and collaborative productionrosali@ibict.bCurriculumKnowledge Organization